Avair Dry Sanitizing and Disinfecting Dry Wipe Starter Kit

  • $27.49
  • $32.49
  • 6x7 Wipes
  • 300CT Wipe
  • Re-Usable Bucket

Wipes are ideal for disinfecting and sanitizing often touched surfaces like breakroom tables, door handles, keyboards, and more.  The reusable bucket has an airtight lid that keeps your wipes saturated, avoids contamination, and makes transport simple.  Avair Wipes are easily refilled and absorb the cleaning solution while remaining durable to handle your daily cleaning needs.

  1. Load the dry wipes roll into the re-usable bucket
  2. Pour 1 quart of your favorite sanitizing, Disinfecting, or Cleaning Solution over the roll of wipes.
  3. Thread the first wipe through the lid and close.